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Embark on a 5-week Dream Lodge journey where we unearth the revolutionary secrets of dreams.

Join me and five visionary dream guides for illuminating councils, Q&A, and


The Legend of Dream Lodge:
Where Bear meets Dreamers,
Weaving Worlds with Every Slumber.

Legend has it that as winter's chill descends, Bear retreats to her den, where her spirit roams

into dream-filled realms. There, in the land of dreams, Bear meets the Dreamers, young and old, who are ready to dream the world into being, their visions bold. These Dreamers, lost in slumber's haze, need Bear's help to remember their dreams, to find their purpose and ways. As the Dreamers awaken to their visions clear, the world transforms around them, dispelling every fear!

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Join me and my guest dream guides

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Carolyn Elliott, Arizona Smith, Jared Ray, Chelsea Wise, and a surprise face
or two.

Image by Annie Spratt
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Join us live for "Council of Dreamers: Dream Lodge," a 5-week exploration of the power of dreams, symbolism, and how our individual dreams awaken collective consciousness. Each Saturday, we'll delve into the significance of dreams and how they can guide us. Our unscripted sessions will offer real-time discussions and insights, with opportunities to share your own dreams and questions. Plus, you'll be paired with a dream partner for the duration of the course, enhancing your dream journey.

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Every Saturday in August we will gather for 2 hours via Zoom to hold council around the power

of our dreams.

August 3,10,17,24,31

11 CST / 12 EST /  9 PST

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Contemplate your dreams in our weekly dream lodge and reflect with your divinely paired dream partner and with our community on a private community platform.



Discover your unique dream archtype through the Gene Keys and learn how to embody your deepest strengths as a dreamer.



Dreams take place in the realm of the miraculous.

In the Dream Lodge, we honor this miraculous realm as a gateway to deeper understanding, connect and healing.


Chelsea Wise

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Weaving our Realms Together : Self prophesy, time mending, and healing through dreaming.


Carolyn Elliott

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Existential Kink guide to dark or challenging dreams


Jared Ray

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A Jungian approach to dreaming life into being


Arizona Smith

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The Mystical
Dream Oracle 

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“Dreams are part of our human survival kit, part of what has kept us going, and evolving on this planet. Across history most people have valued dreaming for two reasons beyond all others: because dreams enable us to see into the possible future, and because they put us in touch with sources of knowledge and wisdom beyond the ordinary mind.” ― Robert Moss

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Council Days:

Saturdays in August

August 3,10,17,24,31

@11 CST / 12 EST / 9 PST

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90 - 120 minutes

per session on Zoom


Options are available for a single payment, or splitting the

ticket price payments.

Pay in full $277

Generous Payment Plans

via Klarna, Affirm, After Pay


* 5 Live Streamed Online Sessions

* Dream Partner Pairing

* Access to private community

* Opportunity to submit your

dream questions

* Discount Code on Awake

in the Dream Tincture


You don't even have to remember your dreams to be a part of this council.

When you use the word dreams it has implications in the

waking and dreaming worlds, and really they are linked by

a level of lucidity that can be re-cultivated by anyone.

This council is an experience for dreamers, the dream curious, coaches,
and people who work the power of the subconscious, storytellers, creatives, black sheep, wild hearts, imagination lovers, counselors, moms,
dads, sister, brothers, men, women, and all the others, rites of passage creators, ceremonialist, creators, and really anyone who wants to
remember the power of dreaming and feels the call.

Dreaming reintroduces us to our wingspan, our wild self and our creativity. Each dream and patterns of dreams are personal snapshots of our inner landscape, they are maps back to our deep knowing. To access this map, we need to identify our tools: some are deeply unique, many with collective resonance. Join us in building our dreamers tool baskets, dreaming together and activating our otherworldly selves as we move through 5 initiations to uncover the power of your inner dreamer.


The council awaits…


In the not so distant past, our ancestors understood the profound enchantment of sharing dreams. They believed these nocturnal messages were sacred communiqués from the divine, ripe with guidance and prophecy.

By gathering around the dream fire, they sought not only personal revelation but also the communal wisdom that comes from interpreting together, weaving atapestry of shared values and cultural truths.


By joining our council of dreamers you will be privy

to these profound dream secrets.


Know thyself

Dreams offer a gateway to our subconscious, revealing hidden desires, fears, and aspects of ourselves we may not be aware of in waking life.


Revolutionary Force for Change

Dreams have the potential to inspire and drive transformative change, both personally and globally, by challenging existing paradigms and opening minds to new possibilities.


spiritual growth

Dreams are often seen as messages from the divine or the universe, guiding us on our spiritual path and offering insights into our higher purpose.




Sharpening your toolkit for dreams is powerful when working with clients and as a modality for deep healing. 


integration of the shadow

Dreams are free, abundant, and highly intelligent. They allow us into the doorway of integrating parts of our shadow.



Sharing dreams can strengthen bonds between individuals and communities, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience.


healing + problem solving

Working with dreams can lead to emotional and psychological healing, helping to process past traumas and unresolved emotions.

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