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Otherworldy is a school for metaphysics where initiates explore the fundamental nature of reality through dreams, symbols, divination, sound, creativity, art, synchronicity, sex, myth, active imagination, and human nature, which are the languages the soul speaks.


Each chapter will be a course that you can join live and some will be dynamic self study courses.


Cohort 1 is dedicated to the sacred technology of dreaming. Our dreams offer us the opportunity to know ourselves and the world from the inside out, through the deep sensory, the creative pathways, the mirror to our Alethia or deep truth.


Dream Lodge  is a 5-week initiation created by Ayesha Ophelia.



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Dreams are the soul's way of making the unconscious CONSCIOUS. They are how the spirit stays tethered to the otherworlds. Dreams are a mechanism to heal and hear our subconscious speak and live beyond time which is a way we can experience timelessness and some of the deep mysteries of being alive.

-Ayesha Ophelia

dreamers delight

dreamers delight

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Name: Ayesha Ophelia
Location: Texas
Big Three: Double Scorpio+ Virgo Rising

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Ayesha has been journaling about her dreams since her glow in the dark journal from junior high. Her dreamer has never left her side and that is what she credits as her impetus to create Otherworldly; a modern day mystery school for seekers. She is also the creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto, Holy Smoke, Society of Wild Hearts, and Ritual Necessity a cozy healing space in Wimberley, Texas.. She is a guide, mentor, author, ritualist, creative, and complicated woman. Her first book and oracle system called 'The New Romantics' is coming to a book shelf near you on 7/7.

Where do you dream most frequently? Houses, elevators, and bodies of water 

What is your biggest dream for humanity? When our dreams return it means it we are back in our bodies and imaginationI don't remember where I heard this but this is my hope. For more people as a collective to take a deep interest in what are dreams are trying to share with us.

Who is your celebrity crush? It's a rotating roster of mostly bearded men. Current crush is actor and rapper Riz Ahmed.

What’s your earliest dream memory? Probably dreaming of flying or my crush. 

What lights a fire in your belly? Being the most open vessel for creativity which means following my heart AND what happens when we DON'T drink the Kool-aid of the time. My purpose is to help people become lucid in all of our dreams. 

What do you think the meaning of life is? Meaning and purpose are built in to beingness, like it is with every other part of nature. Would you ask a tree what its purpose is. It's obvious? Yours is too. 

What archetype do you resonate with the most? Or are you?

The black sheep or underdog or longer or rebel or misfit or wild heart. All of those rolled into one.


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